Life insurance

At different stages of our lives, our need for life insurance can vary.

When we have a young family,we want to ensure they are taken care of should something happen to us. That's why a lot of young families choose term insurance. Term insurance gives you the most bang for your buck-especially when you have so many financial commitments!
You may also need insurance if you are in business, or perhaps when you are a little older and want to protect your estate. You can also use insurance to take advantage of some of the tax free benefits of investing.

Whatever your reason for needing insurance-we can help!

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects you in case you cannot work due to illness or injury. It can provide a monthly tax free benefit from as little as two years or up until age 65 (and anywhere in between), depending on the policy you choose. The amount of the benefit will vary depending on your current income, amount of coverage in place, availability of EI, etc. 
So whether you need term, business, whole life/ universal insurance or disability insurance we can find the right product for you and give you a same day quote.

We represent companies such as
Manulife, BMO, Canada Life, Edge Beneifts, RBC and Canada Protection Plan - just to
name a few!