At Norstar Consulting, we can service almost all investment needs-from the simple daily interest chequing account to a complicated investment portfolio.
Whether you need to “park” your money for a short period of time, or want a strategy to maximize returns on your investment while minimizing tax implications, we can guide you to the proper solution.
As a broker who represents many different companies, we can formulate the best plan for you and then invest your money to your advantage with the many different options that are available.

Investment Loans
Having spent the past 20 plus years in the investment industry has given us the experience to be able to guide our clients as to when is the most suitable time to proceed with an investment loan and when to defer that style of investing. Investments loans are not for the faint of heart, but with our guidance, they can be a very profitable part of an investor’s portfolio.
Again, as a broker, we have many options when it comes to investment loans and which investments to use to put those funds to good use.
See our link page for a sample of some of the companies we represent!