At Norstar, we offer bookkeeping services for every size of business.

Our simple bookkeeping solutions will help take your business to the next level!
As a small business, you might think -"why would I need this service?"-you probably already know the answer- it will free up time to allow you to do what you do best- run your business. The hours you spend trying to compile your books would probably be better spent earning money- along with the  comfort of knowing that your records are being compiled correctly.
We do books for both incorporated and non incorporated companies-balancing bank statements, calculating and remitting GST and PST, doing payroll and T4 preparation. We tailor the service to your need - whether you just need one or all of our services.
So if you are :

a) just starting out and don't know where or how to start

b) finding that you no longer have time to do your own bookkeeping

c): you need or want a change from your current bookkeeper

we can help...